childbirth education

We offer a variety of options for Childbirth Education!


Whether you are looking for a full series group class, a one day express class or a private refresher course, we got you covered. Especially now, during these uncertain times, we hope our classes are more accessible than ever before so you can gather information, support and resources to help you prepare for your birth. 


We are now offering two different options for birth classes and a partner massage class ONLINE!


Please email to schedule or if you have questions.  


We offer scholarship spots whenever possible so please reach out to learn more. 

Cornerstone Approach to CBE

Inclusive Childbirth Education

KIN: 5 Week Series

This class provides evidenced based, non-biased information in an inclusive, integrative and interactive environment. Our main focus is creating more positive, supported birth experiences where you feel cared for, informed, powerful and whole regardless of birthing location, birth preferences, decisions or family dynamics. Connect with your support team and other folks and families preparing for birth over the course of your time together and create a support network for your postpartum and parenting journey! Each class is 3 hours long for 5 consecutive weeks. 

Additional/Refresher/Private Courses


* Private Birth Prep Workshop (2, 4 or 6 hours) in-studio, your home or ONLINE!

(option to add second or third class for more info)

in-person (1/2hr class)

online option (option to add classes to receive full series education): $75, each 2 hour class

This private class is for birthing people + anyone who will be attending their birth.

This is a great addition to our birth series education, 

other birthing methods or as a refresher course, as it covers an intro to birth information,

stages of labor, birth preferences etc., 

with a deeper focus on tools and techniques: Massage - Acupressure - Counter-pressure - Hydrotherapy - Movement - Positioning and much more!

The online, 3/2h class option, is similar to the information that you would receive in our Express (6 hour) group class, but this private class is just for you and your partner/support team and allows you to choose what day time works best for your schedule. 

* Partners Pregnancy Massage Private Workshop (2 hours ) in-studio, your home or ONLINE!

in-person (1/2hr class)

online option


Covid-19 has paused us from offering prenatal massage sessions right now so we wanted to offer a way for your partner or loved one to feel more confident in providing massages for you during this time! 

This workshop is designed for partners to learn prenatal massage techniques to support you during each trimester and as you prepare for your birth. 

During this 2 hour class, your partner will practice a full body prenatal massage protocol, taught by certified perinatal massage therapists and educators.

We will guide them through safe, effective massage techniques to help you relieve stress and tension, soothe sore muscles, and allow more time to connect throughout your pregnancy experience.


before, during + after

We offer classes for all stages of the parenting spectrum: fertility, pre-parenting, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and new parenthood. 


Our classes are always inclusive of all family structures and open to all pregnant/birthing people, as well as, their partners, and families.


We offer private and group options and scholarship opportunities for all of our classes. Please reach out to learn more! 




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