Our practitioners all specialize in perinatal massage. This means they have years of extra training and experience in this particular field. We offer options for our clients during this transitional time. We see clients through all stages of pregnancy although the session may be a little different depending on where you are at on your journey and any special circumstances you may be experiencing. We encourage clients to come in as consistently as they can during the perinatal year, especially as they get closer to birth!

We are taking every precaution during this time, especially since we primarily work with pregnant people and want to make sure everyone's safety is our greatest priority. Please call in so we can ask a series of questions before booking your session. Masks are required for the entire time (before, during, and after your session). Please reschedule if you (or anyone you have been in contact with) is/has recently been feeling ill in any way. 

There is only one therapist and one client in our center at a time. Our waiting area is closed. We have an outdoor courtyard for you to wait in if the door is locked. Please arrive at your appointment time and you may text your therapist when you arrive. 

We email intake forms and our Covid-19 protocol form to you in advance. Please send back to us before your appointment time. Your practitioner will give you their cell so you can text if you have any questions. 

We prefer contactless payment. 

Single Perinatal Massage Session:

$100 | 60 minute  

$140 | 90 minute

Pay as you go commitment/discount option: 

$10 off when you commit to 2 sessions per month for 6 months (can extend as long as you wish). Initial session is full price. Every session after is $90 each session. 

Hatch: Perinatal Massage Package

Discount Packages were originally created as a way to offer priority booking to schedule sessions in advance for those who wanted to come in very frequently over a short period of time, especially for the weeks leading up to birth. However, this unpredictable past year has made us reevaluate this as an option after being closed down for most of 2020. 

We are no longer offering discount packages at this time. Please talk to your therapist about pricing options for those hoping to come in more frequently. 

You still have the option to purchase single sessions and schedule out in advance to pick your favorite day/time. This gives you flexibility with rescheduling sessions if needed. 

We hope to be able to offer the Hatch Packages (details below) again in the future. 


Option for 1 FREE massage: $100 OFF

60 minute sessions (4 weeks in a row)

4 for price of 3= $300 


Option for 2 FREE massages: $200 OFF

60 minute sessions (8 weeks in a row)

8 for price of 6= $600 

*May be applied to any prenatal or postpartum 

session (of the same perinatal year) 

*To receive full discount, package must be used within the 4 or 8 week guideline

* Paid amount may be applied to any remaining session within 3 months of purchase. 

*When you pay up front, you are receiving a large discount and agreeing to using the sessions within 3 months. 

*Expiration guidelines are highly encouraged as the purpose of discount packages are to come in often over a short period of time, however, the world of pregnancy and birth can be unpredictable and we are flexible when special circumstances/emergencies arise. 



*Upgrade any individual package session to 90 minutes for additional $40

*24 hour cancelation policy for week day appt. *48 hour cancelation policy for weekend appointments 

If you purchased a package before the pandemic and still have a remaining credit, please email with your name and date of purchase. Thank you!


Benefits To Receiving Massage During Pregnancy

The hormones associated with relaxation can have a significant affect on reducing physical, emotional and mental stress during pregnancy (or any major life change). Having a self care routine that supports hormone regulation can reduce anxiety, cardiovascular health, and even improve your overall mood. When we are in a relaxed state, the hormones associated with stress, like cortisol and norepinephrine, are reduced, and serotonin and dopamine levels are increased, this not only decreases stress during pregnancy but it can also support more positive birth experiences and less depression and/or anxiety after birth. 

Pregnancy massage addresses and relieves some of the most common discomforts people often experience during pregnancy. 

Edema, or swelling of the joints is often caused by reduced circulation and increased pressure on the major blood vessels by the growing uterus. Pregnancy massage helps to stimulate soft tissues to reduce collection of fluids in swollen joints and it improves the removal of tissue waste carried by the body’s lymph system. Many people experience sciatic nerve pain in late pregnancy because the uterus rests on muscles of the pelvic floor and low back which can cause tension on the muscles and pressure on the nerves. Many people report having less low back/hip pain after receiving prenatal massage. Massage therapy helps with inflamed nerves by releasing the tension on nearby muscles which can offer much needed relief. Massage during pregnancy can also ease upper and lower back discomfort caused by the changes happening in the front of the body. 

Some other potential benefits of pregnancy massage include:​

  • Reduced swelling and joint pain

  • Improved circulation

  • Less muscle tension

  • Fewer headaches 

  • Improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles

  • Better sleep

  • Feeling more connected to pregnancy and baby

Some of the contraindications for pregnancy include:

There may be some mild conditions where you can still receive massage but we will ask that you speak with your health care provider and get a release form prior to coming in:

  • ​High risk pregnancy

  • Recent bleeding

  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension

  • Preeclampsia

  • Previous pre-term labor

  • Experiencing severe swelling, high blood pressure or sudden severe headaches

  • Infection or fever ​​


We ask that you call in to schedule your initial appointment. We don't have online booking for this reason. We can ask a series of intake questions over the phone before scheduling. As with any therapeutic modality, it's always a good idea to consult with your midwife or OB/GYN before beginning pregnancy massage if you have any concerns. ​

Wellness Center has been closed much of the last year due to the pandemic. We are open now, with a limited schedule, and are following all safety protocols and precautions. When you schedule your appointment, you will receive all intake forms by email. 

*Please arrive at your appointment time and wait outside in the courtyard to be called in. Our waiting area is closed during this time. 


You will be emailed your intake forms for you to fill out and send back to before you come in. You may also print them and bring with you to your appointment if you prefer. 


We are asking clients to take their temperature at home before their session as an extra precaution, even though we know there are asymptomatic people. We will do a smell test when you arrive. Masks are required for the entire time (before, during, and after your session). Please reschedule if you (or anyone you have been in contact with) is/has experienced any symptoms or has been sick in any way. 


New clients, please fill out the Initial Wellness Intake Form (any additional forms) AND Covid Release. Returning clients, please fill out the shorter, Wellness Plan form (any additional forms), AND Covid Release form. You may leave all other forms blank that do not apply. 


Common Questions: 


What makes SD Family Wellness different from receiving a massage somewhere else? 

Pregnancy is our specialty. All of our Perinatal Wellness Practitioners are certified in prenatal massage. We see clients through all stages of pregnancy, although the treatment may vary depending on how far along you are. This means that we truly understand the benefits of massage during pregnancy and have years of training and experience in this particular field. We listen to our clients needs and offer time and space to connect and build a strong client/therapist bond, as well as offering referrals and resources whenever possible. Our clients are like family. We have worked with many people for multiple pregnancies and supported groups of friends as they walk this path together. 


Our clients often mention previous experiences where they felt like the therapist was afraid to touch them, or that they didn't put them in a comfortable position they could fully relax in. Here, we are all about YOUR comfort and YOUR pregnancy. We make sure every session is customized to support your individual needs and we will address any discomforts that you may be experiencing, as they can often change week to week and sometimes day to day. 


What should I expect for my first session? 

We ask that you arrive about 5 minutes early for your first appointment. There is a parking lot behind the building for you to park in (off Acacia street which is the four way stop that connects with La Mesa Blvd). We will have a new client intake form ready for you to fill out in our relaxing waiting lounge with water, tea and snacks for you to enjoy. There is a restroom located on the first floor for you to use before and/or after your session. 


We customize your session based on your individual needs, avoiding any areas you might not prefer work on. After about 20 weeks or so we offer an optional belly massage, often a favorite part for many of our clients, especially as they get further along! Different than a Deep Tissue massage, we mainly use soothing but firm Swedish massage techniques that support the circulatory system, help relax the nervous system and ease discomfort of sore muscles. We still use firmer pressure in some areas for deeper work when needed. Overall, you should feel comfortable and relaxed the whole session and immediately after. It's still important to drink plenty of water after your massage. 


What position will I be in for my massage?

We set you up on your side (helping you to switch sides half way through) with a sea of comfortable pillows but still giving your therapist the most access for a full body massage. We have lots of creative ways to position you if you are uncomfortable on your side and need to be propped up (especially if you are having a lot of heartburn). 


What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing (or bring a change of comfy clothes to put on after if you wish). We might do some hip opening exercises while you are clothed before or after your session, especially as you get further along. You will dress down to your comfort level for the massage (most people dress down to their underwear, but some prefer to remove all clothing or keep more clothing on) you will be fully covered underneath a drape the whole time. 


How often should I come in?

We typically see clients once or twice a month for the majority of their pregnancy. Once they are about 30 weeks along, we tend to see people more frequently (if possible) since there are more changes happening and areas to address and focus on as you get closer to birth. We recommend weekly appointments until baby arrives. That is why we offer discount packages, designed to be customized based on how far along you are and how many sessions you think you'll want to schedule out weekly, in advance. You can use your package sessions toward a Birth Preparation Massage and/or a Postpartum Massage when used within the 4-8 week guidelines or you can apply any remaining credit toward a session when used within 3 months. 



What the difference between a prenatal massage and a birth prep massage?

We see folks through all stages of pregnancy but once you enter "full term", especially if you pass 40 weeks, we may begin to ease into birth preparation which could include acupressure, movement and positioning techniques, guided imagery and much more. 

If you are "full term" and scheduling a birth preparation massage as your FIRST session, we recommend a 90 minute treatment. If you have been coming in regularly for 60 minute treatments throughout your pregnancy, a 60 minute birth prep session is great but you can always add time or add a 30 minute self-care/acupressure sessions ($50 ea.) for weeks 40, 41, 42. 


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