postpartum + new parenthood

Postpartum Massage 

We consider the postpartum time to be at least the first full year after birth, although many of the major changes are happening within the first few months, some changes take more time. Postpartum healing, on all levels can happen even years after birth! Your body is usually in need of some nurturing support right after birth, however we schedule this on a case by case basis to offer you a personalized treatment that looks different as you move throughout your post birth experience. Read more below for details. 


New Parenthood Massage 

This is an important time to recharge for birthing people but also for non birth parents as well! This transitional time often comes with lack of sleep, and many changes in our normal, every day patterns. Our wellness massage treatments focus on supporting new parents through this transformation. 

​Postpartum Prep Class

2 hr | 

Support & Preparation

for the Early Parenthood Transition

*includes baby basics like swaddling, baby-wearing etc. but also focuses on new parent needs, healing from birth, ideas for getting your family and friends to offer the support you truly want, postpartum nutrition and so much more!


Postpartum Doula Support

Postpartum doulas are specifically trained and experienced to offer physical, emotional, and educational support after childbirth or during the first few months with a new baby. Your postpartum doula will meet you at your home, in a birth center or a hospital and offer care for a specific amount of time as you transition to parenthood (or parenting again). We do not provide medical support. We provide non-biased, evidenced based information and resources and but ultimately, you are the only one making decisions about what is best for you and your family. We offer postpartum doula packages! 

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Infant massage classes

We understand that babies don't often follow a specific routine, especially in the beginning so we work around their needs. You may come just you + babe or bring your partner and/or any care-givers in your family/tribe are welcome to join you. This class is about an hour long and can be a one time class to learn basic techniques or we also offer a more in depth series of 4 that you can do 4 weeks in a row or spaced out over 4 months.