fertility + pre-parenting

Massage Sessions: $100/ per session or 4 for $300 (4 weeks in a row)

We offer massage sessions for everyone to support overall balance and restoration. This relaxation massage may help with psychological stress since there is evidence that massage therapy (in general) supports this. This is not a specific type of fertility massage like mayan abdominal massage (Arvigo technique) that's primary focus is to increase blood flow to the pelvic organs. We are happy to provide resources and referrals for practitioners who offer this type of treatment. As a fertility doula, we may guide you through some gentle, self care abdominal work that you might like to add into your cycle ritual but this massage session, most importantly focuses on your relaxation and releasing tension that may build during stressful times. 

Reiki Sessions: $100/ per session or 4 for $300 (4 weeks in a row)

This sessions is scheduled during the second half of the cycle, after ovulation or transfer and promotes stillness, comfort and balance in the body as well as stress relief during the two week wait or during the the initials days after a transfer. We hope this session offers a space to nurture and care for yourself through this process. Reiki is a natural but powerful form of energy healing that is especially gentle and supportive for hormonal and emotional health.  

Pre-Parenting Wellness Sessions: $100/ per session or 4 for $300 (4 weeks in a row)

This session blends massage and reiki for a relaxing, therapeutic treatment that offers anyone on a pre-parenting journey; partners or co-parents of those trying to conceive, intended parents through a surrogacy journey and anyone moving through the adoption or foster parent process, a space to recharge. We know that navigating the weeks, months or years leading up to creating your family may be filled with anticipation and excitement but sometimes stress and overwhelm. We want to encourage folks to take care of their body, mind and soul through this process and reach out for support and resources along the way. 

Fertility/Pre-Parenting Doulas


The pre-parenting journey looks different for everyone and we know the process may be filled with highs and lows. Whether you are just starting out or have been moving through this process for years, doulas can fill an important gap between the medical world and your personal experience.

Doula Packages


1:1 Doula support for all fertility or

pre-parenting paths. This includes (but not limited to) any of the following:

  • Infertility Support

  • Fertility coaching/nutritional guidance

  • Cycle charting assistance

  • Accompaniment to clinic appointments

  • LGBTQ+ family building 

  • Home Care (after egg retrieval, embryo transfer or miscarriage etc.)

  • Prenatal support through first 12 weeks


(1) Pre-Parenting Wellness Package: $225

(3) sessions at a discounted rate

Includes: (1) 1 hr doula session 

(2) wellness sessions: 

60 minute massage // 60 minute reiki session  

Virtual option: (3) 1 hour doula sessions

(2) Fertility Doula Support Package: $525


(4) 1:1 doula sessions (half hour, typically before wellness sessions)

(4) fertility wellness sessions (used toward any 60 minute massage or reiki session)

(1) accompaniment to clinic appt (add more if you wish)

Unlimited phone, text, email support

Virtual option: (5) 90 minute sessions and unlimited email/text support

$50 OFF Fertility Wellness Class Series 

Fertility Wellness Classes (Group Series): 

6 class series is designed to support folks navigating the trying to conceive process.

Stress can affect fertility but trying to conceive is typically filled with potential stress triggers; i.e. doctor appointments, blood draws, shots, two week waits, and sometimes, disappointment,

grief and loss.


This peer led group offers:

  • A brave environment to freely express and share emotions

  • A sharing community of resources, information and experiences

  • An opportunity to strengthen social support networks which helps to reduce isolation and feelings of loneliness


Topics include (but not limited to):

  • Fertility Nutrition + Lifestyle

  • Self-Care for the Fertility Journey

  • Movement + Breath Work

  • Resources + Practical Support


Must register in advance.

(6) 1.5 hr sessions: $200 per person

+ $50 OFF Option 2 Doula Package

Support Groups: 

We have partnered with The San Diego LGBT Community Center to create two monthly support groups

to addresses the specific needs of the LGBTQ+ parenting spectrum. Anyone navigating the ins and outs of the pre-parenting, gestational or parenting journey is welcome to join.

Topics and guest speakers will change monthly.​


Creating Kin Collective 

Mission: Increasing access to inclusive support and resources for LGBTQ+ parents, prospective parents and family building providers to promote better outcomes for LGBTQ+ families.


We do this by offering support groups during this major life transformation to reduce health disparities, feelings of isolation and allow a space to connect with local resources.


We are dedicated to creating a network of family building providers, committed to offering evidence-based information, financially accessible services and culturally competent, affirming support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer parents and prospective parents.


We organize provider trainings and host networking/community events to foster accountability and connection.


Vision: A world where all LGBTQ+ families are seen, heard and supported.


We imagine a community which recognizes, protects, and values every person wishing to become a parent, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, race, origin, socioeconomic status, capacity or intersection of multiple marginalized identities.


We see a future where every parenting path; assisted reproduction, surrogacy, adoption, foster care or any other means is met with supportive providers to ensure families experience better outcomes in areas of mental, emotional and physical health, thereby creating a positive impact on the next generation and society as a whole. 

A recent Family Equality Council (FEC), LGBTQ Family Building Survey, found that the number LGBTQ millennials considering/actively trying to grow their families has increased by 44% yet inclusive support is still challenging to find. Creating Kin increases this access in multiple ways. As members of FEC’s National Network of LGBTQ+ Family Groups, we partnered with The San Diego LGBT Community Center to offer two monthly Support Groups for LGBTQ parents/prospective parents.


Support Groups


1st Monday Group: is a processing group peer led but guided by licensed marriage and family therapists who specialize in LGBTQ+ family building. The path to parenthood isn't always straight. Sometimes plans change, or we experience grief and loss along the way. This group focuses on the deeper challenges that may arise and is a brave space to express and share in a supportive and inclusive environment. 

1st Monday of the month (processing group) 

FREE | 6:30-7:30 pm

Drop in group

Co-Facilitated by:

Kristen Carvajal-Witek, LMFT

Ashley Saverino, Doula + Educator

Jennine Estes, MFT EFT Therapist

and other psychologists from our community!


4th Monday Group: focuses on education, information, resources and community building. We invite inclusive providers in as guest speakers to share information and answer questions.

We also discuss topics that apply to all paths to parenthood and all parts of the parenting journey and encourage attending groups whether topics relate to your specific path or not ​to foster learning, and peer support. 

4th Monday of every month

FREE | 5:30pm-630pm

Drop in group

Co-Facilitated by:

Ashley Saverino, Doula + Educator

Kristen Carvajal-Witek, LMFT

*Some Topics Include (not limited to)

  • Self Care for your path to parenthood

  • Communicating with family and friends about your parenting journey

  • Tips for making important decisions

  • Integrative support and alternatives

  • Steps to choosing inclusive care-providers

  • Nurturing relationships and reconnecting with your partner(s)

  • Adoption

  • Foster Care

  • Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine for Fertility

  • Doula Support ~ before, during + after ~ 

  • Surrogacy

  • Legal rights and protections

  • Trans fertility and birth

  • Childbirth Education

  • Midwifery Care 

  • Nursing and postpartum considerations for trans and gender non conforming gestational parents

  • Postpartum and new parenthood considerations and support 

  • Parent Leave and work related concerns

Co-Facilitated by:

Ashley is an educator, doula and holistic health practitioner who has been working in the fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting world for over 8 years. 

Kristen is a licensed marriage and family therapist and is also very passionate about supporting people on their path to parenthood.


Their personal journeys have been different but one thing was very similar, their need for more support and resources from the very beginning and each step of their process. Searching the internet far too often felt overwhelming.


We know we have so much to learn from all of you and we hope to connect you with amazing resources and inclusive providers to support your journeys and hopefully make some lasting friendships along the way.

Inclusive Provider Network

Our Inclusive Provider Network (IPN) offers annual training/networking events/resource fairs, an online directory and hosts community building/fundraising events to advance visibility and build scholarship programs. 

Did you know that the number of LGBTQ+-headed families in the United States is set to grow dramatically in coming years. The Family Equality Council did a recent, 2019 survey that showed 3.8 million LGBTQ+ millennials are considering expanding their families and 2.9 are actively trying to do so.  Gaps in both parenthood rates and plans to become parents between LGBTQ+ and non LGBTQ+ people are narrowing. More LGBTQ+ families will be formed through assisted reproductive technology, adoption and foster care. Inclusive providers are an important piece to our parenthood journey and we need to know where they are and what they offer.  It's also important for providers to know one another so they can refer their patients and clients to other inclusive care providers.  

Provider Networking Events: 


Our provider networking events are held every other month on Wednesday evenings. This is a fun way to meet and connect with other providers and the best way to become one of our speakers at our 4th Monday support group! Please reach out to learn more.  

LGBTQ+ Provider Networking Event

Hosted By Creating Kin at

SD Family Wellness Center


We offer fertility support and wellness sessions for those trying to conceive and anyone (partners, co-parents and intended parents included) moving through the ins and outs of the trying to conceive process. Learn more about fertility support, massage, reiki sessions, fertility wellness classes, and support groups!

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Our Childbirth Education Classes help you prepare for birth and parenthood! We offer a complete Cornerstone approach to birth education that is inclusive of all birthing people and all parenting paths.  

Learn more about our most popular treatment, birth prep massage session  and more about our unique birth support such, as day of birth, labor massage and birth doula support.  

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We recognize there are many

paths to parenthood! We provide inclusive, affirming care for prospective parents on assisted reproduction paths, surrogacy journeys or those planning for foster care or adoption. We hope to offer a space to recharge and retreat to during this process, while also, finding resources and support along the way.

Learn more about Creating Kin!

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We offer postpartum support and postpartum prep classes for families settling in to the first 6 weeks with a new baby(ies).

We also offer treatments after birth (or for anyone navigating early parenthood) as a way to encourage you to nourish your whole self as you care for your little one(s). Learn more about infant massage classes and all the support options and resources we offer. 

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Our highly experienced certified perinatal massage therapists specialize in the full spectrum of perinatal wellness.  

Our hatch package allows you to schedule your perinatal massage sessions based around your estimated "due" date and individual needs at a discounted rate so that you can come in more often throughout this transitional time. 

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We know the postpartum period (or early months/first year with a new babe) can be quite the transition. Hopefully, it's filled with a lot of support but it's often after the new normal has settled in, we find we still need that support and community. We offer ongoing wellness sessions for parents, as well as, support groups and community events to encourage us all to find our support systems. 

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"If you celebrate your differentness, the world will, too. It believes exactly what you tell it-through the words you use to describe yourself, the actions you take to care for yourself, and the choices you make to express yourself. Tell the world you came here to experience wonder and spread joy. Expect to be accommodated."

-Victoria Moran

We offer a diverse list of support for every stage; preparing for parenthood, becoming parents for the first time or doing it all over again.

We hope you find a space here to pause + recenter so you can go back out, experience wonder and spread your joy. 

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