birth prep + birth support

Birth Prep Massage:

This is a gentle, supportive way to work with your body to encourage it to let go and move into labor. This a blend of massage and acupressure, this treatment focuses on your individual needs as you reach "full term" and supports the natural progression of your body preparing for birth. We take a lot into consideration when scheduling this treatment. We encourage this session for all kinds of birth, including anyone preparing for a scheduled induction or surgical birth. It can be wonderful form of self care the day or (days) before your scheduled date and supports recovery. 


Partners Massage:

We have two treatment rooms at our wellnest so partners will often come in together to be seen at the same time or back to back with one therapist. The rooms can also be opened up to form a partners suite if you prefer to be in the same space. This is often a favorite treatment as you get ready for birth. We may have partners switch off with the baby in our lounge and come in together during the first few months as new parents. 

Private Birth Prep Workshop:

Our Private Birth Prep Workshop guides your partner(s/anyone who will be present at your birth) through tools and techniques supportive for relieving discomforts of pregnancy and specific techniques + comfort measures to support your whole birth experience!

2 hour workshop: $150 (per family)

Birth doula support?

We offer a free consultations if you would like to find out more details and learn more about the individual birth support packages we offer. You can also contact any practitioner individually to learn more about their services. Typically packages include two meetings with families before birth, day of birth and one postpartum visit. 


Labor Massage:

Already have a doula but think you might want some extra hands on support? We can come during early labor, while you're home, maybe before your doula arrives so they can rest up. We can help you relax maybe even help you sleep so you can settle into your labor rhythm. We can join you during active labor as another set of hands for some extra physical support as you work hard through your surges. We can meet you at your home or hospital and give your support team a break. Although many of us are also birth doulas, as certified prenatal massage therapists, we can offer this unique type of support and join you for 2, 4 or 6 hours during your labor (which is different than the consistent, physical, emotional and informational support, before during and after birth that a doula provides). We like to give many options for our clients to help meet everyone needs and find this to be a great addition to other types of birth support. 


childbirth education


We offer different options for Childbirth Education classes! Customize you classes based on your individual needs. We offer private, small group, online, and in-person (when safe to do so) options. You can take a 2 hour refresher course, a 5 weeks series and everything in-between. 


Cornerstone Approach to CBE

Inclusive Childbirth Education (both of our series classes are considered FULL CBE)


KIN: Childbirth Education 

Pregnancy Support + Childbirth Prep

This class provides evidenced based, non-biased information in an inclusive, integrative and interactive environment. Our main focus is helping to create more positive, supported birth experiences where you feel cared for, informed, powerful and whole regardless of birthing location, birth preferences, decisions or family dynamics. 


Please email ashley@creatingkin.com to schedule or if you have questions.