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Our cozy wellness studio offers reproductive, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and new parenthood support, resources, and education.  
We celebrate all the expansive ways people create family and have systems in place to ensure we are listening to the needs of our community. We offer inclusive, gender affirming care for all pregnant/birthing people and their families. 
Learn more about our Family Building Program, Creating KIN. 


SD Family Wellness is a team of support specialist/doulas, practitioners, and educators who work together in one space,

The San Diego Family Wellness Center. Together, we are able to learn from each other and grow in our field,

while reaching more of our community than we could ever do alone. We handle our own business matters and schedules independently so please, contact us individually to set up your appointment. 


We offer a wide variety of modalities for the family building, perinatal, and new parenting journey. Learn more about our fertility, birth, and postpartum massage sessions and schedule an appointment with a perinatal practitioner!

We offer classes and one-on-one support, private and small group options for fertiltiy, pregnancy, childbirth education, postpartum prep, and infant massage classes all our wellnest in La Mesa or in the comfort of your own home (in-person or online!).